When did creative work become so boring?

How did ‘digital-first’ come to dominate everything?
…And why is nobody talking about it?

This newsletter asks the unasked.

It starts with Offline Matters, a handbook of radical strategies for today’s creative worker. The guide blows open the true state of creative work today where digital solutions are doctrine, overwork culture results in burnouts and ideas churn out into depressing marketing noise. Stay tuned to find out more.

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"Offline Matters is a much needed take-down of the whole 'cult of creativity' from the inside. This rattle gun attack on the perniciousness of the creative digital work will leave you aghast and amused in equal measure."

– Oli Mould, author of Against Creativity

"For any creative who has had to cater to corporate dimwits in order support their art, here's a terrific guide to bringing your best work into the commercial sphere without selling out or compromising your craft. This is a book about how to break free from the data-driven expectations of your client's spreadsheet, and retrieve the true novelty that makes you valuable in the first place.”

– Douglas Rushkoff, author of Team Human

About Jess Henderson

Jess Henderson is an author, writer, researcher, theorist, and the founder of online mag No Fun and Outsider (RIP).