✨ Smattering 03: Seduction

Eclectic collections of fragments, quotes, and anecdotes from our on/offline lives.

👀We Need to Talk, AI

A Comic Essay on Artificial Intelligence by Dr. Julia Schneider Lena Kadriye Ziyal

‘Knowing the future is impossible.
But what we can do: Knowing what future we would like to have. And then work on it.’

You are very welcome to download, read and share our comic essay We Need to Talk, AI for free in English, Spanish or Slovenian.

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🎮F'xa by the Feminist Internet

A well built, provocative tool to learn about bias is AI.

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💘The Seduction of Intimate Machines

Why the Intimate Relationship with our Devices Has Reprogrammed Arousal

While Mistress Harley (“the first and only techdomme”) and her clientele are perhaps the most head-turning iteration of this curious relationship to technology, it is one in a series of emerging anecdotes where technology not only mediates pleasure but becomes the object of pleasure and intimacy itself.

…Critics have frequently chided big tech’s use of design inclusive of “behavioristic conditioning to produce insatiability [and] addiction,” but beyond that, these companies have clawed their way into our most intimate desires.

By Maya Friedman

🎃Anonymize Your Online Footprint-Info Security for Direct Action

Internet-related tips for protestors, including:

  • Set a difficult passcode, NOT face or thumb ID, not a year or all one number in a row.

  • Turn off home screen notifications - don’t let anything show without unlocking your phone.

  • Set your phone to go to lock screen extremely quickly

  • Turn on airplane mode, which will keep your phone from broadcasting.

  • Make sure that Airdrop isn’t on.

Whether you are protesting in person or working in digital spaces (or both) covering your browsing habits, metadata, and search histories is important. These can be ordered as evidence, or can expose others even months or years later. Even without a court order or direct governmental surveillance, your data history can be bought from aggregate services, both legally and illegally.

👉🏽Document in development here.

☁️Exploring Sleep and Dreams as a Collective Resource

Sleep and dreams are vital to human health, imagination, and experience, but they are hard to defend from bright screens, light/noise pollution, work schedules and other stressors. What roles do sleep/dreams play in shaping our society and relationships, and how are new technologies changing our relationship to sleep? Can sleep/dreams themselves be technologies to improve our lifestyles and relationships?

We will explore how sleep/dream experience could be a shared “natural resource” at risk of degradation (like water or land); seek ways to protect it, and imagine sustainable ways to use it to benefit human experience.

  • See the are.na of resources here.
    Explore others’ dreams here.

🤐Ottessa on Not Talking About Social Media

What do you always want to talk about in interviews but never get to?

I wish I had an answer, but the truth is that I always come away from interviews thinking, “I said too much.” …It takes a lot of self-censorship to get through an interview without revealing something I won’t later regret, or without expressing a harsh judgment that I had—because of my mood—but that I dispensed with as soon as I blurted it out.

I have actually made a list of topics that I will no longer discuss. Oddly, “social media” just made it on there. I try to avoid it because I start to speak dictatorially about the subject, condemning everyone in the entire world for being an egomaniacal dork, and then I feel like an A-hole.

Ottessa Moshfegh, author of My Year of Rest and Relaxation
A mesmerizing peek into the self-medication of a young woman who wants to sleep for a year and wake up rejuvenated and ready to live.


“I was “on drugs.” I took upwards of a dozen pills a day. But it was all very regulated, I thought. It was all totally above board. I just wanted to sleep all the time. I had a plan. “I’m not a junkie or something,” I said defensively. “I’m taking some time off. This is my year of rest and relaxation.” Oh, sleep. Nothing else could ever bring me such pleasure, such freedom, the power to feel and move and think and imagine, safe from the miseries of my waking consciousness.”

via. LitHub: An Interview with Ottessa Moshfegh

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