✨ Smattering 08: Not At Your Service

Eclectic collections of fragments, quotes, and anecdotes from our on/offline lives.

❣️ The Internet, My Love

“When you live fully online, you assimilate the offline world into the galactic internet, the latest proxy for the mind of God.”

– By Virginia Heffernan

🙅🏽‍♀️ Not At Your Service

“The future is VUCA: volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Simple instructions are no longer adequate. Societies and systems are becoming increasingly complex; digitisation, globalisation, diversity and immigration have entered the readily manageable ecosystem of design we once knew, making many feel uncertain.”

– from Not at Your Service: Manifestos for Design (2021)

Preview here. Free download here.

👀 We Are Watching You

Design Interns Club is initiation by graphic design students/graduates and recent interns who wish for bigger transparency related to internships.

“I did not study to buy Dutch bread or make coffee.”
– Anonymous Intern

As studios treat their interns differently from studio to studio, it’s important to share this kind of information. → That’s why we recently created the public google spreadsheet where interns can anonymously share their experiences. We hope it can help to raise awareness of the interns’ conditions and also to help those seeking an internship to chose the right place for them.

“We are following the current trend of salary transparency spreadsheets.

All kinds of experiences are welcomed. Please fill out the form if you are a current or recent intern anywhere in the world in the graphic design field.”

🔖 New Mystery Zine by Doukhneaux

Do you remember our fantastic self-taught artist Doukhneaux?
This week I received a mail from him:

Hi, Jess!
I made a zine. Just letting you know in case you may be interested.

How it works:

To obtain the zine:
Donate to your local animal shelter any amount of money is acceptable for you and send the printscreen/photo/cheque/receipt of the donation.

Once I receive the print screen or photo of the donation, I send the copy to its new home.

Recipients of the zine are invited to go through the images, and on the final page there is a mysterious QR code that leads to… let’s not spoil the secret.

“I prefer to set up unusual forms of participation. That’s why I’ve designed the zine and how to obtain it in a strange way — so the person who buys the zine can experience the full effect of abnormality.” – Doukhneaux

Get Weird!

Doukhneaux’s creative mind continues to show no bounds. As a recent immigrant to Israel, currently doing social work with the elderly as a means of income during the pandemic, Doukhneaux’s altruistic new creation is mad admirable.

If you’re into trying experimental things, click below to participate in Hyphenated.

Donate to your local animal shelter, and get yourself this beautiful mystery zine. It’s a journey and a piece of art in one.

Participate in Hyphenated

Doukhneaux’s email: Фёдор Духно < f.doukhno(at)gmail(dot)com >