✨ Smattering 09: The End of Fun

Eclectic collections of fragments, quotes, and anecdotes from our on/offline lives.

💀Calling Time of Death on Fun


2021: Sierra Armor 𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕤 tells it straight.

‘I think Fun died the first time on 9/11 and Fun died the second time in 2020-2021.

…Asking us to quarantine for years is like asking us to kill ourselves slowly. We get to watch ourselves in our Zoom cameras, see our physical bodies disintegrate in the fiery furnace of the online. It’s a worldwide suicide pact. It’s incredible.’

Sierra Armor 𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕤

  • ‘I was born 10 days after 9/11. Whenever I look at myself on zoom it looks like I’ve had a stroke. Life is pretty cruel and unusual at the moment.’
    Comment by Maria Apr 3 2021
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2011: Lil Wayne releases 6 Foot 7 Foot

  • ‘Satisfied with nothing, you don't know the half of it.’

2010: The End of Fun by Jake & Dinos Chapman

  • “The exposition includes the following pieces: The End of Fun, Traumatize, in Order to Offend, in order to Traumatize, and the Disasters of War.

  • The work of the Chapmans is symptomatic for contemporary society, which has become accustomed to excluding issues that are uncomfortable for one reason or another. Jake and Dinos do not offer solutions and do not issue a call to arms. Art does not interest them as a political weapon. In the artists’ opinion, society at its current level of development is worthy of perceiving everything that is going on with humor.

  • ⚠️ It is not recommended that persons younger than 18 years old visit the Jake and Dinos Chapman The End of Fun exhibit.”

— From the Hermitage exhibition catalogue

  • Limited Edition!
    100 copies individually burnt. Signed and numbered by Jake & Dinos Chapman.

2009: NHL Conference Finals: The Beginning of the End of Fun

  • ‘That was just downright boring… I'll reserve my joie-de-vivre for the Draft.’
    Jason Hitelman

2009: On the publication of its smallest and best-selling English dictionary, the gem, Collins reveals the words to watch in 2009:

  • “Last year’s new words (credit crunch, sub-prime and downturn) defined the financial crisis… This year’s buzz words set the tone for a frugal, fun-free 2009. No money for clothes? Try recessionista chic. Feel like getting away from it all? Forget it, it’s a staycation for you in 2009.”

  • New words of 2009:

    • staycation n informal holiday spent at home especially due to straitened financial circumstances.

    • brickor mortis n informal a period of difficult times in the housing industry.

    • recessionista n informal a person whose clothes, whether cheap, second-hand or subtly subdued, are considered appropriate to an economic downturn.

    • bad bank n informal a state-owned financial institution created to alleviate a financial crisis

    • credit-crunched adj informal adversely affected by a credit crunch.

    • anti-social networking site n informal a website that allows users to, among other things, list the people they dislike and do not want any contact with.

    • defriend v to remove someone from one’s list of friends on a social networking website.

    • social notworking n jocular the practice of spending time unproductively on social networking websites especially when one should be working.

    ‘The words above have all been closely monitored on the Collins corpus, and highlighted as ones to watch over the coming months. A constant flow of text is fed into the corpus, a 2.5-billion-word database of lexical data, from sources around the globe – including books, newspapers, magazines, journals, websites, and broadcast transcripts.

    It ensures that Collins dictionaries reflect the truly global nature of the English language.’

    ⇨Cormac McKeown, Head of Content at Collins Dictionaries, says:
    “We’ll be keeping an eye on these rather gloomy expressions. With a bit of luck most of these will have slipped off the radar this time next year.”

    — via Harper Collins’ Press Release (2009)

Sorry McKeown… they’re still around.

🔚 Reeeeewind….

1969: The Stooges release No Fun

No fun, my babe
No fun
No fun, my babe
No fun
No fun to hang around
Feelin' that same old way
No fun to hang around
Freaked out
For another day





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